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Automatic nut crusher or grinder is special designed for crushing oil contained matters,like almonds,walnuts,peanuts,sesames,beans,food flavors,food additives,etc.The nut crusher is Special designed to solve oil leaking and sticking problems.The machine can automatically crush the nuts and seeds into required sizes,it is an essential accessory machines for food production.


1.The machine casing cover and the crushing tank are made of 201 stainless steel material, which is polished to meet the aesthetic and sanitary standards. Suitable for food factories, processing shops, shopping malls,Supermarkets, pharmacies, clinics, schools, research institutes, families, etc.

2 .the shape design meets the user’s needs such as spare filters and brushes, etc., can be placed in the storage room, does not occupy space.

3.the machine is small, easy to operate, smashed evenly and thoroughly.

4. It is quick and convenient to replace the filter. the powder particles in the crushing tank is fast and simple.

6. special cutter design, the use of material speed is accelerated. Crush the material with high oil content and use coarse screen. Conversely, crushing materials with low oil content or no oil can be used,also can use a fine mesh.

7. using a powerful 750W high-speed motor, very quiet, stable and powerful.

8.the circuit is equipped with an overload switch, which can prevent the motor coil from burning.

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