Automatic filled date bar machine


Automatic filled date bar machine is upgraded on the basis of our standard encrusting machine by adding a guillotine cutter.Except filled date bar,the machine can also make other filling/ stuffed pastries such as,Kubba,Coxinha,Falafel,mochi, ice cream mochi, meat ball,filled cookies,fruit bar and so on (different food with different device).

The fillings could be date paste,fruit paste, jam, chocolate, cream, ice cream, bean paste, minced meat, paste mixed with small nuts (sesame, corn, peanut),etc.


1.Full stainless steel,High speed.

2.Multifunctional for making various of food ,including sticky products or thin skin juicy products .

3.products is stable and mature with no error.

4.PLC intelligent control system with touch screen operating panel,full automatic.  5.Japanese Panasonic’s or Taiwan Delta frequency changer,Taiwan Liming electrical machinery make the machine operational performance more stabler.

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