15kg per day chocolate coating machine for sale

Mini type chocolate coating machine

It coordinate with chocolate cooling tunnel to make the final products high quality and beautiful surface.
The chocolate enrober can also coordinate with optional equipment, like decorator and granule sprinkler.
1. Decorator: to decorate stripes or zigzags of different color on the surface of the products.
2. Granule sprinkler: to sprinkle little granules on the surface of chocolate coated products.

Technical parameters:
This equipment is special designed base on Italy and UK chocolate processing and handling technology in lab scale application. All machines are made of SUS304. It is used for making good quality pure or compound chocolate enrobing. It can be fixed on the PE8-60 chocolate machine or remove for washing very easily.
1. The machine is a special equipment which is used for producting assorted chocolates.Is can coat chocolates think liquid in the surface of many kinds of kinds of foods.
2. Such as protein bar, energy bar, cereal bar, peanut bar, energy ball, cookie, cake, biscuit and candy etc,chocolate product
have many varions flavours.
3. It can coat chocolate liquid in the surface of many kinds of kinds of foods.
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